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ZIP System® sheathing and tape is a unique structural roof and wall system with a built-in water-resistive barrier (WRB) and continuous air barrier to keep out water and air, while allowing panels to properly dry. By replacing the need for housewrap, it streamlines the weatherization process – simply hang panels and applying panel seam tape in one trip around the structure.

ZIP System sheathing meets code requirements as a structural panel, water-resistive barrier and air barrier, according to documented testing by the International Code Council Evaluation Services.1 Unlike traditional housewrap, ZIP System sheathing and tape forms a continuous rigid air barrier for a tight enclosure that protects against air leakage and contributes to energy efficiency. Plus, with an integrated weather barrier it reduces risk of delays for barrier repairs.

ZIP System sheathing and tape key features and components include:

  • High-performance engineered wood structural sheathing delivers Structural 1 shear strength and exterior durability.2
  • Built-in water-resistive barrier eliminates the hassles of housewrap or felt.
  • Continuous, rigid air barrier decreases unwanted air leakage for greater energy efficiency.
  • Specially-designed acrylic seam sealing tape completes the system backed by a 180-Day Exposure Guarantee and a 30- Year Limited Warranty.3For more information on ZIP System sheathing and tape, visit

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