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Happy Friday! We’re excited to share the latest updates on our current projects in Douglassville and Eagleville.

Douglassville Garage Project

This week has been productive at the Douglassville Garage. Our team installed the electric wiring, lights, and devices, ensuring the garage is well-equipped and ready for the next steps. Additionally, we made significant progress on the front elevation. The paper and wire were successfully installed, preparing the surface for the upcoming stucco system application. This foundational work is crucial for the durability and aesthetics of the garage, and we’re on track to deliver exceptional results.

Eagleville Deck Project

In Eagleville, we embarked on a new deck project that presented an unexpected challenge right from the start. Upon beginning the work, we discovered rot in the house’s rim joist. Addressing this issue was our top priority to ensure the safety and stability of the new deck.

  • Rot Repair: Our team quickly and efficiently repaired the rot, restoring the structural integrity of the house.
  • Footings: With the rot repaired, we moved on to digging and pouring the footings. These footings will provide a solid foundation for the new deck, ensuring it remains stable and secure for years to come.
  • Next Steps:¬†With the initial challenges addressed, we are now ready to continue framing the deck next week. This phase will bring us closer to completing a beautiful and functional outdoor space for the homeowners to enjoy.

We’re proud of the progress made this week and are committed to maintaining our high standards of quality and craftsmanship in every project. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to bring these projects to life. Thank you for following along with Marvel Builders, Inc.

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