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See the Benefits of Modern Windows

Give customers contemporary options to realize their design dreams.

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Larger expansive glass, no (or few) grilles, black and natural wood colors, and contemporary hardware options. These are several things that come to mind when thinking about modern windows versus their traditional counterparts. But the main differentiator? Design flexibility. Here’s what to know about modern windows so you can give your customers contemporary options to suit their tastes and make their design dreams come true.

Window styles: Popular modern styles include casement, gliding, and picture windows. Combinations, such as a picture window paired with an awning or casement, are also popular. Speaking of an awning window, did you know they can be motorized? This way, if an awning window is used as transom or placed out of reach, automation options will provide an added level of functionality for customers. 

When choosing a window for a contemporary space, look for the cleanest, simplest geometric profile. More ornate profiles are better suited to more traditional homes.

Larger expanses of glass: Modern windows are all about maximizing the amount of glass to let in more light and connect to the outdoors. The main way to get this effect is to increase the size of the window. Another way is to choose a window with a thin frame. Opt for no grilles when it makes sense with the design, but, when grilles are a must, look for the thinnest options. Also, floor-to-ceiling windows are becoming popular with consumers and are an option you want to have available.

Grille options: Thinner grilles or simple patterns can be a feature of modern windows. A grille option common in a contemporary home is the specified equal light pattern; sometimes known as a ladder grille, it utilizes very simple horizontal lines. An additional thing to note about grilles: If you’re using them in a home with a more contemporary style, choose ones with a geometric profile. The squarer and simpler, the better—leave the chamfered design grilles for the more traditional homes. 

Color and hardware choices: Design-savvy homeowners care about the details, from the color of their appliances to wall coverings and furnishings. Modern windows offer your customers expanded options for colors—black or light, natural wood are popular for a contemporary look—and hardware to elevate the windows’ design aesthetic and match the style of the rest of the home.

Selecting windows is all about enabling creativity and design options for your customers. As a pro, you have plenty of options. Modern windows and features can be found in a wide variety of product lines, giving you ample opportunities for helping bring your customers’ visions to life. 

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